26 May, 2020

Joy e-bikes Announces Availability of E-Monster

Yet another addition to the pack. Joy e-bike announces delivery date of its new E-Monster Bike

Vadodara, Gujarat — 26/05/2020 — Today at the virtual event conducted at their headquarters, Joy e-Bike announced the booking date of their whole new high-performance bike E-Monster.

“We are excited with the response we’ve been receiving for our new electric bike E-Monster even during this lockdown period. We don’t want our customers to wait more so we’ve decided to start the delivery of the bikes from second week.” said Yatin Gupte, CEO of Ward Wizard Innovations & Mobility Limited.

Release date 11th May, 2020

The new E-Monster was released on 11th of May 2020 amidst lockdown. Since the day the website and toll-free number are being flooded with interested customers. Being a huge name in the electric field sector, what Joy e-bikes brings to the plate is state of the art technology at very attractive costs. The main attraction of the new E-Monster is that it can run more than 100 km on a single full charge.

E-Monster Availability

The brand has announced the availability of the new bike by second week of June. Customers can opt for a test drive from the Joy e-bike dealer or the brand showroom World Of Ward Wizard.

“The best catch of this bike is it can go up to 100km on a single charge and it can go up to the speed of 60 km/h. I own a Wolf e-bike from the same brand and I really love the product. This is more like an upgrade that I would treat myself with. Let’s fight the pollution with the solution to pollution manufacturers.” says, an excited customer.

Joy e-bikes is the only electric bike manufacturers in India with more than 8+ electric vehicles. The products varies from high performance bikes to electric bikes. A few of the top selling bikes are Wolf, Glob, Monster and Gen Next Nanu.

For more information on E-Monster:

Call : 1800 120 055 500 | Website : https://www.joyebike.com/

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