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Gen Next Nanu
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Gen Next Nanu
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Gen Next Nanu
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A Ride For An Electrifying Experience

Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter is yet another extraordinary model by Joy e-bike. This electric scooter is designed for perfection! Gen Next Nanu is not only tech-savvy, but it also comes with a contemporary finish, which promises a stylish and comfortable ride. To make it all the more appealing, it comes with various smart features to ensure convenience to the fullest. Some of the features are reverse assist, extra leg space, remote key, and more.


Gen Next Nanu

Gen Next Nanu has a unique personality and you can get to know more about her electric spirit right here. Right from the motor it uses to the loading capacity, here you can learn all about its features and specifications. Gen Next Nanu is an open book and this section provides you with complete insight.

Go Green

Safe Secure Planet

Gen Next Nanu by Joy e-bike is an eco-friendly scooter. Since it makes use of a renewable source of energy, you know you are doing right by the planet. To ride this stylish vehicle, you also don’t need a license or registration. If you know how to drive, then you can use it from that very day.



Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of a vehicle means the maximum load it can carry and the capacity of Gen Next Nanu is 140 kg.



The length of Gen Next Nanu is 1800 mm. It comes with large leg space, making it extremely comfortable for the rider.



The height of Gen Next Nanu is 1100 mm and even a person with average height can drive it easily.



The Width of this super electric two-wheeler is 460 mm. It comes with a sleek and stylish design.

MRP : 70,200/-*


Explore Some More

Now take a look at all the exciting features of Gen Next Nanu and see what makes it so unique. From a narrow charging time limit to its braking system, we give you a view of what goes on inside this extraordinary pair of wheels. Learning more about the features will help you understand the vehicle even better.

Charging Time

For flat to full, the charging time of Gen Next Nanu with 4 hours* with a regular charger.


Drum Brakes are used in the front and rear side as they require very little maintenance and they are also user-friendly.


The controller of the Gen Next Nanu is 60v 24Ah, which provides efficient charging and discharging of the battery. It is also compatible with multiple input voltage sources.

Battery Level Indicator

Gen Next Nanu comes with a super smart and efficient battery level indicator to make sure that you always keep track of when to charge your vehicle.

Remote Lock

Unlike other two-wheelers, the Gen Next Nanu comes with a swanky remote lock, where you can start or stop your vehicle with a click.

Range per Full Charge

Gen Next Nanu’s range per full charge is 70 km*, making it an excellent and also a sustainable choice for a daily commute.

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