Intelligent and Powerful

Meet the all-new Glob

We bring you Glob by Joy e-bike. One of the quickest electric two-wheelers out there. With its unique design and innovative tech, Glob is extremely smart. Powered by Lithium-ion batteries, it produces zero emissions, making sure it protects our deteriorating planet. The whitish-grey colour it sports makes it look uber cool and one-of-a-kind.
Battery Type

60V / 23 AH, Lithium Ion

Charging Time - (From Flat To Full Charge)

3.5 Hrs

Range Per Full Charge

60 kms *

Ready. Start. Go.

Comfort Guaranteed.

Glob e-scooter is so stylish that it will make heads turn every time you take it out for a spin. With advanced features such as reverse assist, keyless operation and more, it is one of a kind.


Glob Suspension

For a smooth drive


Suspension Type

A good suspension system is an extremely important part of your vehicle. Hence, Glob comes with a Hydraulic Suspension , to make sure you have a relaxed driving experience. Also, its reaction time is faster and this helps prevent road accidents.


Front Side Suspension

Telescopic Fork Type Suspension absorbs and damps all shock impulses. The entire design is very simple and the system is not very heavy.


Rear Side Suspension Type

Dual Adjustable Shock Absorbers are beneficial because the weight gets transferred from side to side making sure the stability of the vehicle remains intact.



Glob, the all-new stylish e-bike is environmental –friendly to the T. Now, you ride won’t cost the planet, so take it out for a ride without any guilt.


NO license

No registration

Loading Capacity

140 kgs

Glob Colors

Frame and body

Glob by Joy e-bike is an extraordinary pair of electric wheels. Its out-of-the-box design makes riding so much more fun. Glob’s dimensions are; 1800 mm Length, 460 mm Width and 1100mm Height. Hence, both the driver and the pillion rider can sit comfortably.

Drive Motor

250 Watts BLDC Motor (Waterproof)

Slow Shutter


RAW Editing
Security Feature

Remote Locking