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The stylish e-scooter is designed for the everyday commute, hence, the features we have added ensures a comfortable ride. Firstly, it is not too heavy. Therefore, Wolf is perfect for anyone and everyone. This super-smart e-scooter comes with extra leg and boot space, which makes it easier for you to carry additional luggage without any hindrance. Another exciting feature we have is the remote lock, which helps you start your vehicle, without looking for keys in your purse, and this is immensely helpful, especially when you are running late. And last but not the least, we offer reverse assist to help you pull out the vehicle easily. It sometimes so happens that we end up parking our vehicles in tight parking spots or sloppy slopes and this feature comes to your rescue and is exceptionally useful when extra force is required.


Re- Defined

Front & Rear Side Brake

Disk brake

Battery Type

60V 24Ah NMC /
48V 24Ah NMC /
48V 26Ah NMC

Charging time (from flat to full charge)

3 to 3.5 hours

Suspension type



With Wolf by your side, you don’t hamper the planet as it produces zero-emissions and runs on electricity, which is a renewable source of energy.

NO license

Good news! The only qualification required to ride the Wolf is to know how to drive. So, you can pick up your Wolf and start driving from that very moment!

No registration

Battery operated vehicles with their speed restricted to 25 kmph don’t require registration. So, you can start taking your vehicle out without license and registration.

Super Performance


Drive Motor

250 Watts BLDC Motor (Waterproof) used in wolf is very efficient and it prolongs the battery life. It also has a long lifespan and reduces excess noise, ensuring a peaceful drive.


Suspension Type

The hydraulic suspension is used in Wolf as it is very responsive and can react quickly. It also offers a firmer ride and gives you better riding experience.


Range per Full Charge

To charge your vehicle fully, it only takes 3 to 3.5 hours with a regular charger . And once your vehicle is fully charged, it can go up to 65 km*.



It has a 60 v input and output voltage range; hence, it can supply extra power to the motor when required and it is also compatible with voltage sources to make it easier for you.


Battery Level Indicator

Wolf is super smart and it will never let you down. It comes with a battery level indicator to help you keep track of the battery levels and recharge it as and when required.


Remote Lock

Just like in four-wheelers, the remote locking system is also available in the Wolf to make it super-efficient. Now, you can easily lock and unlock with just a click.



Beauty on
two wheels

Premium Alloy


Engineered For
Best Performance

Now, take your riding a notch higher with the Wolf as it makes use of alloy wheels to always keep you on track. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel, therefore, its light-weightiness enhances the performance and also improves your vehicle handling. The tyres of the Wolf are wider and come with a solid grip to ensure smooth turnings and a flawless ride offering the ultimate performance. Finally, alloy wheels are also visually appealing, which always makes your vehicle stand out.


MRP : 73,200/-*
Wolf Loading Capacity

140 kgs

* Terms & Conditions Apply
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