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17 Sep, 2021

Raise hands for the men in yellove!

  It was indeed a hard time for all the IPL fans out there as the most celebrated cricket league was suspended due to the […]

7 Sep, 2021

Electric Vehicles have been a thing for a few hundred years

  It was a few years back when a vehicle powered with a battery came out as a result of experiments. The innovation which took […]

23 Aug, 2021

Electric bike vs Regular bikes: Power, performance and cost-efficiency

  The rising fuel prices in the country are a factor of concern for the common man, as these prices have crossed the mark of […]

10 Aug, 2021

Best electric scooters in India 2021

  India is now the world’s third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide. The research estimates that CO2 emission in India grew about 1.8% in 2019. India […]

21 Jul, 2021

Rajasthan government declared SGST reimbursement encouraging the EV switch in country

The rising fuel prices in the country are resulting in a huge switch to electric vehicles. Besides that, many state governments are declaring new or […]

17 Jul, 2021

India’s revolutionary moves creating a new EV landscape in the country

As the new EV Policy in the state of Maharashtra provides multiple benefits for electric vehicle buyers and also a few incentives and benefits regarding […]

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26 Oct, 2020

Top Electric Two-Wheelers Manufacturers In India – Building Fast And Intelligent Electric Bikes In India

India, for a long time, has always been a land of innovation and solutions.  And to the problem of rising carbon emissions that have a […]

26 May, 2020

Joy e-bikes Announces Availability of E-Monster

Yet another addition to the pack. Joy e-bike announces delivery date of its new E-Monster Bike Vadodara, Gujarat — 26/05/2020 — Today at the virtual […]