29 Apr, 2022

All about maintaining your electric vehicles during the summer!


Are you worried about maintaining your Electric Vehicles during the summer? Is the rising temperature causing you to worry about your Electric Vehicles condition? Are you confused about switching to an Electric Vehicle in the summer season?
We have got you covered with all your queries!

Rising temperatures usually cause to figure out ways to maintain your EVs battery health for a smoother ride. Here’s how you can manage your Electric Vehicles when the temperature rises. Research states that high temperatures have nothing to do with safety while driving the Electric Vehicles. Even the performance of the vehicle remains the same, be it hot or mild weather, if proper measures are taken to maintain the Electric Vehicle.

Here are a few tips for better maintenance of your Electric Vehicle.

Find shade for your electric vehicle.

When it is hot outdoors, parking an electric vehicle in the shade is one of the simplest things to do. When exposed to heat for long periods of time, electric items, including electric vehicle batteries, tend to overheat and deteriorate performance. When deciding whether to park your electric vehicle beneath a tree or outside in the scorching heat, a tree is unquestionably the better option.

Avoid charging an EV in direct sunlight

Do not charge your electric vehicle in direct sunlight for a longer duration. Because charging your automobiles in direct sunlight for long durations increases the risk of damaging the battery, charging them in the shade is a better option.

Such parking spaces will not only protect your vehicle from the scorching heat but also during the rainy season. Thus it can be your long time investment.

The new Wolf Plus and Gen Next Nanu Plus e-bikes by Joy E-bike are equipped with a Lithium-Ion Battery with sensors to help you identify problems immediately if any, and prevent damage. The smart BMS provides you with Battery Over-Charging, Over Discharging, Over Current Protection along with Short Circuit and Temperature Protection.

Despite the fact that your electric vehicle and charger have a BMS system that helps manage voltage and power, the following measures will significantly extend the battery life of your electric vehicle.

The longer the battery life, the lesser the maintenance costs will be throughout the course of using your E-Bike.

Do not charge immediately after riding

It is not recommended that you charge your battery right after riding the vehicle. Allow your vehicle’s battery to rest for a time before plugging it in to recharge it fully.

Charge your vehicle every day

Extending the battery life of an electric vehicle requires thorough vehicle maintenance. As a result, it is recommended that you charge the battery every day to ensure a shallow cycle and long battery life.

Charge your vehicles at night

Charging your electric vehicles at night will save you time and will also provide you with other benefits that will help you care for your EVs properly. It is advised that you charge your electric vehicles at night since the temperature is cooler than during the day.

Avoid riding at high speed          

When not required, avoid riding your EVs at high speeds, as this drains the battery faster than driving at moderate speeds, which necessitates charging the battery many times. The key goal is to consume less in order to utilise and charge less. You may choose economy mode or any other available riding mode in your electric vehicle, which is especially recommended for city commutes.

This will help you save a lot of energy and, as a result, your battery pack will last longer.

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