The Role of Combined Braking System (CBS) in Electric Scooters

27 May, 2024

The Role of Combined Braking System in Electric Scooters

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric scooters, safety remains important. As riders embrace this eco-friendly mode of transportation, manufacturers are implementing innovative features to ensure a secure and enjoyable riding experience. One such advancement is the Combined Braking System (CBS), which elevates braking performance and rider safety.

Understanding CBS: A Brief Introduction

Combined Braking System (CBS) is a safety feature engineered to enhance the braking capabilities of two-wheelers. Its significance becomes crucial, especially in regions like India, where traffic conditions pose unpredictable challenges and road safety is a top concern. 

Essentially, CBS works by interlinking the front and rear brakes of the scooter. When the rider activates the rear brake, the front brake is simultaneously engaged, enabling quicker and more efficient deceleration.

Like our electric bike, MIHOS comes with a combi brake disc system, which ensures a smooth ride as well as proper vehicle handling while reducing speed and avoiding collisions. In short, a combined braking system allows for safer speed control.

Advantages of a combined braking system

Combined Braking System (CBS) in Electric Scooters

Comparing CBS with traditional braking systems underscores its superiority in safety and performance. Traditional braking systems, while effective, lack the integrated coordination of CBS. 

This technology offers several notable benefits:

Shorter Stopping Distances:

CBS ensures instant braking responses, resulting in shorter stopping distances and quicker stops.

Improved Stability:

By preventing wheel lockup and skidding, CBS maintains stability during braking manoeuvres, enhancing rider control.

Simplified Braking Operation: 

Unlike traditional systems with separate levers for front and rear brakes, a CBS often uses a single lever. This makes braking easier to manage, particularly for new riders who might not be familiar with coordinating separate controls.

Increased Confidence:

CBS encourages a sense of security and confidence, particularly among new riders, fostering a positive riding experience.

How Combined Braking System Enhances Safety

The significance of safety features in electric scooters cannot be overstated. CBS plays a pivotal role in advancing rider safety by:

– Distributing braking force evenly between the front and rear wheels.

– Preventing wheel lockup, thereby minimising the risk of skidding and loss of control.

– Maintaining stability during sudden braking manoeuvres, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Do I Need an Electric Scooter with CBS?

While regulations regarding mandatory CBS installation may vary by region, opting for an electric scooter equipped with CBS is highly recommended. Even where not mandated, the advantages of CBS extend beyond compliance:

– Enhanced safety and peace of mind for riders of all skill levels.

– Improved braking performance, contributing to a more enjoyable and confident riding experience.

Maintenance and Care of Combined Braking System

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the optimal performance of CBS. Key maintenance practices include:

– Regular checks of brake fluid levels to maintain hydraulic efficiency.

– Inspection of brake pads and discs for wear and tear, with timely replacements as needed.

– Ensuring proper adjustment of mechanical linkages to maintain optimal braking balance.

– Professional servicing and inspections at recommended intervals to address any potential issues and ensure continued safety.

– Avoid Hard Braking: While the CBS is designed for efficient braking, hitting the brakes can cause unnecessary wear on the system. Try to prepare for stops and brake slowly whenever possible.

Conclusion: Prioritising Safety with CBS

In conclusion, CBS stands as a testament to the commitment of electric scooter manufacturers to rider safety. By integrating this advanced braking technology, brands like Joy e-Bike, with models like the Mihos, are setting new standards for safety and performance in the industry.

As riders, it is imperative to prioritise safety while choosing an electric scooter. Opting for a model equipped with CBS not only ensures a safer ride but also contributes to a more enjoyable and worry-free journey on the road. Embrace the future of electric mobility with confidence and choose safety first.

Join the movement towards safer riding today. Explore the range of electric scooters equipped with CBS and experience the difference firsthand. Your safety is our priority.

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Remember, safety starts with you. Ride responsibly.

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