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13 Jun, 2024

Benefits of Buying Electric Scooters in India

Electric vehicles, including electric bikes and Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular on Indian roads, and it’s easy to understand why. With rising fuel prices and growing environmental concerns, many Indians are choosing electric scooters as a practical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel vehicles.

Explore the benefits of e-bikes and why they are a smart choice while you care about your budget and the environment.

Lower Running Costs

Joy E-bike riding cost

One of the most prominent advantages of electric scooter is the lower running costs. Compared to fuel scooters, electric scooters are much cheaper to operate. Electricity rates are significantly lower than petrol prices, meaning you’ll spend a fraction of what you’d typically spend on fuel.

For instance, charging an electric scooter in India can cost as little as ₹1-2 per km. The Joy e-bike offers a mileage of up to 100 km just for ₹17, making electric scooter incredibly economical for daily commutes.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is an important factor to consider when choosing an electric scooter. The range can vary depending on the model, battery size, and how you ride it. Electric bikes typically offer a range of 60-100 kilometres on a single charge.

Charging an electric scooter is convenient and can be done at home overnight using a regular power outlet. Some models also offer fast charging options at designated charging stations, which can significantly reduce charging time.

Government Incentives

The Indian government is actively promoting the use of electric vehicles by offering various incentives. Buyers can take advantage of incentives, tax benefits, and lower registration fees.

These incentives can significantly reduce the upfront cost of purchasing electric bikes, making them more accessible to the average consumer.


Electric bikes come in two main categories: low-speed and high-speed. Low-speed scooters typically have a maximum speed of 25 km/h and do not require registration or a license in many areas. High-speed scooters can reach a speed of up to 80 km/h and require registration and a license.

When considering performance, think about your needs. If you need to carry groceries or other items, you might choose a scooter with a larger boot space capacity. If your purpose of buying an electric vehicle is riding long, you can go for an e-bike model that offers a range of up to 130 km.

Tax Benefits

Electric scooter are subject to lower GST rates compared to traditional fuel vehicles. This reduction in tax rates helps in making considerable savings on the purchase price. Over time, these savings add up, making scooters a financially sound investment.

Low Maintenance Costs

Electric scooters have fewer moving parts than their traditional fuel-powered counterparts, reducing the maintenance cost. No more oil changes or complex engine repairs.

This simplicity translates into lower maintenance costs. Owners of scooter often report fewer breakdowns and lower repair bills, contributing to their overall cost-effectiveness.

Environmental Friendly

benefits of Electric bike to the environment

Electric scooters generate no tailpipe emissions, reducing the carbon footprint. By switching to an electric scooter, you can contribute towards reducing air pollution. Electric vehicles can help solve one of the significant problems worldwide.

Further, electric scooters are much quieter than fuel scooters, which helps in reducing noise pollution as well. If you have access to renewable energy sources for charging, the environmental benefits are even greater.

Safety Features

combined brake system for electric bike

Modern electric scooters provide enhanced safety measures. Battery management systems monitor battery usage to ensure peak performance, while features like the (CBS) combined brake system give rapid and effective braking, increasing rider safety. These attributes make scooters a dependable mode of transportation.

Convenience & Efficiency

Electric scooters are extremely useful, particularly in busy towns. Their small size and lightweight design allow for easy mobility, letting you navigate between traffic and save time on your commute. In many areas, low-speed electric scooters are excluded from registration and licensing regulations, making ownership easier. Their compact size also makes parking easier, especially in packed areas.

Additional Considerations:

India is rapidly expanding its network of charging stations, making it easier than ever to keep your electric scooter charged. Many electric scooters come with removable batteries that can be recharged at home, making them more convenient.

With a variety of models available, you may select an e-bike that aligns with your commuting needs. When choosing an electric scooter, seek for models that provide strong safety measures. Mihos offers a model with a mileage of 100 km for only ₹17, combining economy and reliability.

Lightweight Design

Electric scooters are designed to be lightweight and compact, which enhances their manoeuvrability and ease of use. This makes parking and storing them straightforward, even indoors during adverse weather conditions. The lightweight design also contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience, particularly in congested urban environments.


In summary, electric bikes provide several benefits to consumers. They are affordable, environmentally friendly, and come with modern safety features.

Furthermore, their simplicity and low maintenance requirements make them a popular choice amongst new vehicle buyers, or for those who are wishing to transition to a more environmentally friendly means of transportation.

If you’re looking for a new two-wheeler, now is the time to explore electric scooter models and take advantage of the numerous perks they provide. Make the switch to electric and experience a cleaner, greener, and more cost-effective journey.

Check out different models from high-speed and low-speed e-bikes, like Mihos, Wolf+, Gen Next nanu+, Wolf Eco, and Gen Next nanu Eco, offered by Joy e-bike to choose the best one suitable for your commute, budget and choice.

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