4 Aug, 2022

Discover the top Electric Scooter in Nepal

Providing a sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-driven two-wheelers since 2016, Joy e-bikes has grown with more than 700 dealerships all over India and now we are expanding to Nepal with our Electric Two-Wheelers.

After receiving an optimistic response to the excellent performance of our best bikes from a diverse country India our bikes are ready to ride down the roads of Nepal. Joy e-bikes live up to the spirit of expanding trade with our neighboring countries. Meanwhile acknowledging the rapid industrial development of the capital of Nepal i.e Kathmandu, which turned out to be an appropriate location to set up our head office. As it is a well-known fact that Nepal is a tourism-driven country that is famous for its natural habitat, however, with the increase in tourism the pollution also increased drastically, which also called for a sustainable mode of transportation and when it comes to a sustainable mode of transportation EV is the best choice. As petrol prices have gone up, EVs are a good fit for Nepal, because they allow, low-range transportation at just 17 paisa/km*.

Joy e-bikes are a catch, as it’s an excellent alternative to traditional, fuel-based two-wheels. It is a win-win commodity for everyone due to the economical commute, exclusive looks and it’s eco-friendly nature. Joy e-bike is ready to roll on the roads of Nepal!

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