23 Aug, 2021

Electric bike vs Regular bikes: Power, performance and cost-efficiency


The rising fuel prices in the country are a factor of concern for the common man, as these prices have crossed the mark of Rs. 105/litre in many states. Even though the topic is a point of concern, it is also leading towards a positive impact encouraging the public to switch towards sustainable commute choices. 

In a comparison of electric bikes vs regular bikes which are fueled by Petrol or Diesel, the prior is much more economical and affordable when the usage is considered. High taxes on petroleum are constantly resulting in higher fuel prices in India. As the traditional fuel prices hike more, the companies and government encourage the development of sustainable fuel choices like CNG and electric vehicles instead of Petrol and Diesel.

Drive an EV for a month in a week’s fuel charges

Where petrol vehicles cost almost around Rs.7/Km and diesel vehicles around Rs.5/km, the CNG vehicle costs only about Rs.2.5/Km. The evolution of technology and up-gradation in the EV industry makes driving an electric vehicle much more economical. E.g. Joy E-bike Wolf costs only Rs.0.23/km.  

Following the revisions in the FAME II policy and its extension till 31st March 2024, many states have declared new EV policies providing multiple subsidies to the buyers of electric vehicles.

Switch to more sustainable solutions

The government is undertaking serious measures to promote the switch to electric vehicles in the country. The authorities are highly promoting and encouraging the public by providing benefits on buying an electric vehicle. The government has declared benefits on EV infrastructure as well. Such revolutionary moves by the authorities are assisting the population to switch to EVs.

These exceptional moves are leading the country towards solutions on global issues like climate change too. Switching to EV is not just economical, but it also aids in the reduction of carbon footprints. 

The global pandemic has changed the mindset of people making them more aware of the environment, safety, and health. The pandemic has shown a drastic change in the choices of the market, making it more sensitive towards environmental concerns. Research shows that it has boosted the demand and production of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are becoming pretty widespread, and you’re surely not alone in questioning if one is suitable for you.

RegistrationLicenseDriving CostMileageSubsidies by government
Fuel BikesRequiredRequiredMore than INR 105*/ltr40*km-60*km per litreNo
Electric BikesNot required for low-speed bikesNot required for low-speed bikesLess than INR 7*/unit 60km*-80km* per full chargeYes

Know how an electric bike suits you

The technological evolution has encouraged the automobile industry to provide revolutionary and more sustainable mobility solutions, keeping up with the mark of traditional fuel-driven vehicles.

As electric vehicles are being promoted by the government with the provisions of subsidies and lump sum benefits, electric vehicles can be bought with benefits and subsidies bringing down their overall effective cost.

The time of EVs being exorbitantly priced is way gone now. The research states that the prices of hybrid or electric vehicles are likely to equalize as the EV technology upgrades and multiple subsidies and benefits are offered to buyers of an electric vehicle. As many companies are entering the market of electric and hybrid vehicles, it is amounting to the lesser cost spent on electric vehicles.

As the technology supporting electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries evolve, limitations such as high prices, limited range, performance issues, long charging hours, and shortage of charging stations is not an issue anymore.

Supers are Here: Superbikes by Joy E-Bike

Superbikes launched by Joy E-bike are no less than a regular bike when the style is compared. The electric bikes provide the same high torque when considered an electric bike vs a regular bike. The superbikes are high in performance befitting the rough terrains.

With the new electric vehicles promising a higher travelling time, it has now become hassle-free to plan long trips accompanied by your electric superbike. The electric superbikes cost as little as Rs. 0.4/km.

Joy E-bike: Thunderbolt

As the EV infrastructure is significantly growing in the country, vehicles can be easily charged at the charging stations nearby at a very low price. The government plans to increase the density of electric vehicle charging stations in India reducing the mileage anxiety in the customers, and  thus fuelling the rapid switch to EV worldwide.

The transition of the automobile industry with more adaptability towards electric vehicles is a huge step in the overall growth of India. The amendments in the FAME II policy are boosting the innovations in the EV industry. Such policies are also motivating companies to change the Indian EV landscape for the good.

OEM: Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd. with revolutionary E-bike Models

Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd. is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the first electric vehicle company to be listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). It is a constant endeavour of bringing up innovative mobility solutions breaking the barriers of speed, style, and performance of electric vehicles. Under the brand name Joy e-bike, Wardwizard has 10 E-bike models which include 4 High-Speed superbikes. Such commute choices are now becoming more economic for the buyers.

Buying electric vehicles is now more cost-effective not just at the time of purchase, but it also has the lowest effective cost as it saves a lot on fuel expenses. As the country is adding more EV infrastructure such as charging stations, driving an EV has now become super easy and comfortable.

10+ amazing E-bikes with astonishing features making your ride extraordinary

Explore those electric bikes that are as good as a regular bike. Joy E-bike offers you more than 10 e-bike models, which include low-speed electric scooters best for city commute and Superbikes to enjoy rough roads and long rides.

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