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27 Oct, 2023

How to Increase Electric Scooter Range

Using an electric scooter to navigate city streets or go on adventures is thrilling, but the fear of running out of charge remains big. Your e-scooter’s range is determined by factors such as your weight, riding style, and territory.

Off-road or poorly maintained roads can dramatically restrict the range of your scooter. Despite these limitations, there are ways to get the most out of an electric vehicle.

In this post, we’ll look at practical ways to extend the range of your scooter, so you can enjoy longer rides whether you’re commuting to work or exploring places.

Proper Battery Maintenance

Maintaining the health of an electric scooter’s battery may not directly increase its range, but it will keep your scooter’s optimal potential from shrinking. Lithium-ion batteries, which are common in scooters, typically last 300-500 charge cycles, or about 2-3 years.

The battery degrades with each use of your scooter. To prevent this, avoid total discharge and recharge before the battery level reaches 15%. This cautious technique ensures a longer-lasting battery, saving your scooter’s mileage and making your rides more dependable.

Optimise Riding Habits

Your riding habits play a crucial role in optimising your electric scooter’s range. If you constantly speed up and brake abruptly, you’re using up your scooter’s battery quickly.

To optimise your scooter’s mileage, be gentle on the accelerator and avoid sudden accelerations. Also, use brakes lightly and release them early to conserve energy. Being mindful of these actions helps you go further on a single charge.

Tyre Maintenance and Pressure

Maintaining proper tyre pressure can significantly increase the range of your electric scooter. When tyres are properly inflated, there is minimal contact with the ground, which reduces rolling resistance.

This means that the motor on your scooter works efficiently, conserving  charge and expanding your journey distance. Underinflated tyres, on the other hand, increase rolling resistance, lowering energy efficiency and reducing range.

Understanding tyre pressure ensures energy conservation as well as a safer, longer ride on your electric scooter.

Weight Management

Understanding the payload capacity of your electric scooter is critical; it represents the greatest weight it can carry, including the user and their belongings. Each scooter has a certain limit.

Overloading your scooter reduces not only its performance but also its range. The greater the weight of your scooter, the more power it draws from the battery, resulting in lower mileage.

To extend the range of your scooter, go light, carry exactly what you need, and consider removing excess weight.

Route Planning

Planning your route strategically is a game-changer for optimising your electric scooter’s range. By mapping out routes with minimal traffic and obstacles, you reduce the need for frequent accelerations and decelerations, conserving valuable battery power. 

In many bikes, including the innovative Joy E-Bike, a range of features enhances your riding experience. With the Joy E-Bike app, get real-time updates on your scooter’s location, battery status, and available range. 

Plan your journeys efficiently, considering multiple stops and recharging needs, all while enjoying insightful trip analytics. Set up battery and geofence alerts tailored to your preferences for instant notifications.

Use of Eco and Power Modes

Many electric scooters have riding modes such as Eco, Sport, and so on. Understand the difference between eco and power modes. Use eco mode for regular commutes and switch to power mode when you need an extra boost.

Riding an EV in Eco mode can provide you with more range than riding in Sport mode. Balancing power and range ensures you reach your destination efficiently.

Maintenance and Regular Servicing

Regular maintenance is key to preserving your scooter’s range. Follow a routine servicing checklist provided in your e-scooter manual, and keep it in top condition for optimal performance.

Is an Electric Scooter Good for Long Distance?

Absolutely! optimising the electric scooter range requires paying attention to how and where you ride your electric scooter, how much pressure you have in your tyres, the quality of your motor, and frequent maintenance of your e-scooter battery to maintain it in perfect shape.

With proper maintenance, smart riding habits, and careful planning, electric scooters can cover significant distances efficiently.

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