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11 May, 2024

National Technology Day: Top technology used in Joy e-bike that solves your everyday problems

As electric scooter enthusiasts, we all know the thrill of zipping around town on a clean, convenient ride. But what about the everyday problems an e-scooter can solve? In honour of National Tech Day, let’s delve into the innovative technology powering Joy e-bikes and how it adeptly tackles the challenges you encounter on your daily commute.

Top technology used by Joy e-bike

Lithium-ion (NMC) battery with smart BMS helps optimise riding range

Battery Blues? Not Anymore

Joy e-bikes are equipped with a cutting-edge Lithium-ion (NMC) battery with Smart BMS, setting a new standard in electric mobility. Our Joy e-bikes feature state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery cells, offering more charging cycles for long-lasting performance. With each charge, our riders can experience the efficiency and convenience of our electric vehicles, empowered by the latest advancements in battery technology. This advanced technology offers an extended range that eases the fear of range anxiety for the rider. For example, the all-new Mihos by Joy e-bike empowers riders to explore further without worrying about battery life. Moreover, with faster charging times convenience meets efficiency, ensuring you’re back on the road swiftly

BLDC motor solves the difficulty of climbing inclines

Power Up Your Rides

What’s the tech behind the Joy e-bike Mihos?

The modern BLDC motor is the powerhouse behind its exceptional performance. This motor ensures your rides are not only smooth but also efficient. You’ll effortlessly conquer inclines and reach impressive speeds, almost like having your turbocharger whenever you hit the road!

Mihos and other models of Joy e-bike use Brushless motors that provide smoother and more precise control of speed and torque, making them ideal for everyday commutes.

Regenerative braking system solves limited riding range issues

What’s more? 3 speeds or motor controllers with the regenerative braking system are a game-changer! It helps you improve the efficiency of the e-bike, allowing you to maximise your riding range. Its innovation at its finest, makes every ride both exhilarating and environmentally conscious.

Connected features ensure you stay on track while navigating

Stay Connected and Stay Secured

Gone are the days of navigating blindly through city streets. The Mihos integrates seamlessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth, providing access to navigation, performance tracking, and remote diagnostics.

This not only streamlines route planning but also offers real-time insights into your ride, ensuring a stress-free journey.

Anti-theft smart remote lock minimises the risk of theft.

Moreover, the advanced anti-theft smart remote lock safeguards your e-bike wherever your adventure takes you.

Poly DiCycloPentadiene (PDCPD) materials make electric bikes Strong & Durable.

Comfort is the Key

Crafted with sturdy Poly DiCycloPentadiene (PDCPD) or industrial rock, the Joy e-bike’s Mihos redefines comfort and agility on the road. The material used not only enhances the e-bike handling and manoeuvrability but also contributes to an overall enjoyable riding experience.

Advanced suspension system prevents uncomfortable riding experience

Additionally, features like telescopic front suspension and an efficient ‘reversible spring’ rear suspension system further elevate comfort, smoothing out bumps and uneven terrain. These crucial features ensure a smooth ride regardless of the road ahead.


This National Tech Day, let’s celebrate the amazing technology in Joy e-bikes, solving daily issues and making commutes enjoyable. Visit Joy e-bike’s website to explore their range and discover how e-scooters can revolutionise your daily travels.

Bonus Section

Compared to traditional fuel vehicles, the Joy e-bike offers environmental as well as economic benefits. With zero emissions and lower operational costs, they’re a win-win for you and the planet. The Mihos for example, is a true mark of electric mobility and innovation.

As we embrace the digital age, let’s take a moment to appreciate the advancements in electric mobility and how Joy e-bikes are leading the charge towards a greener and smarter future.

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