28 Apr, 2020

Keep Cycling With E-Bike During the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you have been following the news without a break, you must have probably seen that the vital ozone layer is finally healing itself. A Nilgai was spotted in one of the busiest localities in Noida, casually strolling on the road. We even saw the endangered Kozhikode, leisurely taking the roads. Although the Coronavirus outbreak is petrifying, there is a silver lining to it and we can see a drastic shift in air pollution. The whole world is basically getting better as each day passes.

The reason behind this is because we humans are under lockdown. This means, factories, schools and a plethora of other organizations are shut. Streets are devoid of vehicles. And, this pandemic has allowed Earth to rejuvenate itself.

But is this all temporary? Not necessarily. If we humans are capable of causing the damage, we can make sure we rectify it too by reducing the air pollution. So, if you have thought about getting your hands on an e-bike, now is the right time. Why we say so? Keep reading to know more.

Walking Long Distances Is Difficult

Currently, you are required to stay at home to stay safe, but eventually, you will have to bring home the essentials and walking long distances is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, you can rely on your old bike. But, why not go electric? E-bikes are not only useful during the pandemic, but they can also help you make a difference from your side. Eventually, things will get back to normal and then, instead of aiding pollution, rectify it. Even one person can make a difference.

Maintain D I S T A N C E

One of the precautions we must take during the Corona outbreak is the social distance, and when you travel via bike, you get to do that. Of course, this is only useful if you ride alone. And traveling by bike is easier. You can even carry it in your car when required and it requires very little parking space.

The Best Form Of Exercise

Staying at home means less exercise, but with an e-bike, you will get the required amount of exercise and you will also feel the wind in your hair and the sunshine caress your skin, helping you release all the stress gathered by staying at home. But again, social distancing is mandatory and take all the precautions while stepping out.

You can also use your e-bike as a mode of transport for short commutes once the pandemic ends. E-bikes come with fitted batteries and they will assist you by providing power to ensure a smooth ride. You can also choose to pedal when it is time to exercise.

Finally, when it comes to e-bikes, there are no stern traffic rules and you don’t need a license. If you are a good cycler then that’s the only qualification required. Also, with an e-bike, you will never get stuck in the pesky traffic and will avoid the unnecessary stress that comes along with it. If you are looking for e-bikes and also electric two-wheelers, you can check Joy e-bike – https://joyebike.com . With a range of vehicles, they bring you stylish and powerful wheels, which are comfortable and also innovative.

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