9 Jul, 2022

Our pride and Joy : Launching the new brand campaign #BharatKaJoy

Connecting the lands beyond the bounds of Bhasha, Rang and Sanskruti, we present to you one of our most joyous endeavors so far –


With this campaign we aim to break through the status quo of the current EV scenario as well as shade some light on the principal thought behind the creation of Joy e-bike, with a never seen before phenomenon that is #BharatKaJoy.

The name itself unfolds an array of positive emotions and summarizes our chief purpose at Joy e-bike – to spread more Joy. And we make it possible through our wide range of Electric two-wheelers.

In 2022, India is bouncing back with its economy from the agony of the Corona Pandemic for the last two years to retain the glory by becoming ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ today.

All sectors of the Indian economy have picked up the business flow in the past year again. Today, inflation and the rise in fuel pricing are hitting hard on countries like India all over the world.

In such a scenario, Electrical Vehicles are emerging as a cost-effective solution for the masses.

Earlier in the year we launched the 1st ever ancillary cluster in India under the roof of our parent organization Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd and the brand new high-speed scooters Wolf+ and Gen Next Nanu+. And now, we prepare to take the nation by storm with the new Joy e-bike anthem.

In his humble message on the launching of this campaign of Joy e-bike, Hon. MD. & Chairman, Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd., Mr. Yatin Gupte mentioned the utter need for the green planet initiative. The initiative is for bringing sustainability to the future. “#BharatKaJoy” shows cultures across regions, in phases with the anthem Saath Chalein“.

We, at Joy e-bike, believe in inspiring millions of Indian minds with this unifying brand campaign.

Crafting Million Smiles with #OneNationOneEmotion……#BharatKaJoy.

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