4 Jan, 2020

Joy e bike : The Brand Story

“Building an empire from the scratch might seem adventurous in a book, but making it possible is not a walk in the park”

Yatin Gupte, CEO Ward Wizard Solutions Pvt Ltd.

How do you define an enemy? Most of you might be having different perspectives of what an enemy is or who an enemy is. Maybe it might be someone from work, someone from school, or maybe even that crazy dog that barks at you across the street.

When World of Ward Wizard kick-started, the first thing it did was to define its enemy. For us, it was a common enemy, POLLUTION. Mindless consumption, rapid industrialization, and fast urbanization has evidently created a more dangerous situation which will soon turn to be an epidemic of Environment Degradation due to rising high pollution levels. With pollution increasing at an alarming rate, it was time for us humans to step forward and come up with a solution. This is where Ward Wizard comes in the picture.   

Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative thought, revolutionary ideation and an extremely potent and viable concept-all executed with the utmost skill, innate talent, and effortless sincerity. What we saw was not a business opportunity, but a dire need for survival. This is when we came with our first innovative thought. TECHNOLOGY. 

Since, today’s world is more on the technology-driven side, taking the help of technology to prevent the common issue didn’t seem off. We came up with our first line of products under the name VYOM Innovations. Just like the name suggests, the Sky is Only The Limit for the brand. Right from air purifiers to eco-friendly refrigerators, Vyom rose up as India’s own Eco-Friendly tech brand.

Our most loved products are LED TVs, car air purifiers, room air purifiers, refrigerators, wall-mount ACs, portable ACs, alkaline water purifiers, raga products, and our latest addition to the pack, the android TVs.

What makes Vyom the best of both the world is the cutting-edge technology and pocket-friendly price. As mentioned above, we found a need and acted accordingly. Our refrigerators are one of a kind.

We are the only manufacturer in India that manufactures refrigerators with In-door glass display, with quick-freeze technology. Our Alkaline water purifiers are the best in the market when it comes down to quality and price range. 

With the introduction of Vyom and its positive response in the market, we found out that merging technology while taking care of the environment is the new thing. This is how Joy-E Bikes formed. Heading out to the automobile sector right from a tech background was indeed difficult and was challenging.

Well, when there’s always a challenge, we the Ward Wizard always knew how to stand still even if the soil below was drifting away. And that is what exactly we did. The automobile market is filled up with giant names who have proven their worth and quality.

So, competing with them felt like an adrenaline rush and at the same time intimidating. The electric bike segment was something most of these giants were looking forward to and tried and failed. 

Automotive Emission is one of the biggest cause of Environmental Degradation, hence by decongesting the cities, not concentrating around fewer cities and spread across more regions, giving more work from home options where ever possible, increasing availability of data bandwidth can encourage more video interactions hence lesser travel, putting more emphasis on Pedestrian Walkways, Shared Mobility using EV, MRTS can be lot of initiatives towards decreasing the carbon footprint for a cleaner environment.

Not only developing smart cities but creating smarter villages can help toward reducing the carbon footprint. So, now it was time to define our enemy again. Sustainable Mobility

We set up a team of professionals and market researchers and analysts to study the market deeply. We found out that there is an immense need to reduce the cost of the daily commute and this is what we could do with our bikes too. Can you believe that we developed a machine that would cost you 21 paise/km?

Not just one product, a line of products that are becoming more efficient as we speak. Joy-E Bikes rose to fame in no time and became the next huge thing. We are the only manufacturer in India with 8+ models of electric vehicles. 

The bike categories range from bicycles to performance bikes. Our recent Wolf Plus electric bike, with just 4 hours of charge, can cover 88 km. Every customer of ours is making the world a cleaner place to live in with every commute. 

With 50+ channel partners, 100+ professionals and 300+ executives working, both Vyom and Joy-E Bikes gained popularity and became one amongst the Electric Vehicle manufacturer giants. This created the idea of WWW or World Of Ward Wizard.

The concept was to bring in all the products of ours at a single place. “A Hub To The Future”. While making and nurturing eco-friendly devices and machines, Ward Wizard made sure to be the helping hand of more than 10+ entrepreneurship. This is when we understood why the company was formed.

The real moto of the company was now clear. While growing to heights, Ward Wizard made sure to give a platform to these startups to grow. We sat down for the board meeting with all the decision-makers and came to the same page where in the next 10 years, we will be providing 55,000+ startups with unique ideas a platform to grow and flourish.      

Ward Wizard Solutions are aiming high and working hard to redefine the milestones. We are inclined to technology as well as to a cleaner environment.

In this technology-driven world, we are trying our hands in AI, cloud technology, database management, digital marketing, and software development. The picture is huge, but it’ll never be as big as our vision. Join the gang!

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