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4 Feb, 2024

Joy Hydrogen Bike: This is What Stars are Made Of – Literally

Do you ever wonder, sitting at your desk or workstation, how water came to Earth?

The hydrogen molecules swirling in the water bottle next to you power our very own and very yellow friend – the Sun. And now, the same hydrogen molecules can power your everyday commute. We live in times where harnessing star power is no more science fiction.

Presenting our very own star, our first hydrogen vehicle prototype.

This concept hydrogen vehicle is our first step in the race for the future of sustainable mobility after the range of 10+ EV two-wheelers already ruling the market.

The vehicle prototype was unveiled at the mecca of Auto events – the prestigious Bharat Mobility. The Global Expo was star-studded with several automotive companies from all over the world along with Joy e-bike. In addition to that, the 1st hydrogen vehicle prototype by Joy e-bike was unveiled by none other than Dr. Bhagwat Karad (Union Minister of State for Finance, Govt of India). Apart from the prototype, some of the best-loved e-bikes and e-scooter Joy e-bikes also attended the event.

On day one of the Bharat Mobility Global Expo, the Joy e-bike team was visited by many curious exhibitors looking to know more about our popular displays MIHOS along with Glob, Wolf and, Gen Next Nanu. However, the new hydrogen prototype stole the show on day two. Looking at the ginormous response and the enthusiasm of the general public and tech enthusiasts alike, it is safe to say that the future of mobility is sustainable.

As per our research and development team, the first phase of the R&D is scheduled to begin by April 2024.

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