14 Dec, 2021

Your habits can help save the world from energy crisis

Have you switched off the lights when you left the room? Do you shut down your devices or are they just in sleep mode? Have you ever considered switching to solar power? When was the last time you had a maintenance check on your electronics? Are you worried about rising fuel prices? Do you know why we are approaching the worldwide energy plight?

If you haven’t thought about how your little habits in the daily routine can lead the world to the energy crisis, then this is the time to do so. Here is how you can contribute to solving the universal calamities.


– What is energy and its benefits

– What is the need of energy conservation

– Why energy conservation day is celebrated

– What are the current energy crisis

– How to tackle this crises 

– Tips for saving energy and helping its conservation

– Celebrate energy conservation day with Joy

What is energy?

Energy is simply defined by scientists as the ability to do work. Today the human kind have learnt how to convert energy from one form to another and then utilise it to conduct labour. Energy can be utilised for tasks as simple as cooking a meal to difficult projects like reaching space. People deploy energy to walk and ride bikes, drive cars, boats, cook meals on stoves, generate ice in freezers, light up homes and workplaces, manufacture items, and much more. It is appropriate to say that different forms of energy are a substantial and crucially important element of human lives.

What are the types of energy?

There are two major types of energy, one being renewable and another being non renewable. Renewable sources of energy when the energy is derived from resources that are renewed naturally. They include solar energy, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

Whereas non-renewable resources are the natural resources that cannot be renewed quickly enough by natural phenomena to keep up with consumption. Carbon-based fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas are such examples.

Why is there a need for energy conservation?

The universe revolves on a sequence of electrical reactions, whether it’s the automobile you’re driving or the light you’re turning on. All of the varied sources of energy contribute to the storage of electrical power, which is subsequently distributed to various areas through high-powered lines. But most of the electricity produced today comes from the non- renewable resources. This propounds the possibility of these sources running out thus creating a worldwide energy crisis.

What is energy conservation day?

Due to the dire need for energy conservation and creating awareness about it, 14th December is celebrated as National Energy Conservation Day in India. This day focuses on spreading the awareness of global warming and climate change and encourages efforts towards saving energy resources.

To minimize the expected energy crises, The National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated in India since 1991.

Reduced wastage and losses, increased efficiency through technical upgrades, and enhanced operation and maintenance are the most efficient ways to save energy.

The examples where energy is being wasted?

Ignorance and casual approach towards usage of energy results in serious wastage worldwide. Here are a few common causes of energy wastage globally.Overusing of electronics even if they are not necessary (e.g. AC, Heater)

– Not utilising to the maximum (Letting cold/ hot air escape while using AC/Heater)

– Not switching lights off when not in use

– Keeping electronics on standby

– Not maintaining devices, automobiles timely

– Not shutting off engines when idle

When the energy is consumed without being used for the said purpose, it is called energy wastage. To break this circle of wastage and prevent future tribulation, opting for maximum efficiency and optimal use of energy is the process of energy conservation.

Current energy crisis scenario

According to the International Energy Agency, the expected growth of India’s energy demand will grow faster than any other country in the world over the upcoming decades. Research also suggests that 70% of the demand will be met by the Indian coal sector. Another concerning crisis for the nation currently is the rising fuel prices and anticipated fuel shortage, as it is a form of non renewable energy. 

How can energy save the world?

Due to depletion of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, and thus the rising fuel prices, people are considering the alternatives for saving on fuel expenses and opting for more sustainable choices. Since the world has faced a  serious pandemic, consumers are also more concerned about their health and thus making conscious choices, by keeping the health aspect in mind. 

Today, the air pollution caused by vehicles accounts for the maximum of the total air pollution. The government is taking serious measures to control the air and noise pollution, such as amendments in the FAME II policy, which encourages more electric vehicles, as a solution.

But the prevailing energy crisis is also a huge barrier in making the nation electric. Currently, although the electric vehicles are one of the most efficient solutions to tackle the pollution and global warming crises, the prospected shortage of electricity remains a major concern for the nation.

Your sustainable commuting can save the world

As per the research, even if the non renewable energy resources aren’t enough to fulfill the upcoming energy demands, there are some renewable resources developing, efficient use of which can surely take off the dependency on non renewable sources. These resources are namely: Hydroelectric Power, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Bioenergy, Biofuel and wind power.

The research and development about these resources are sure to give reliable alternatives, but the time involved in the process cannot be determined specifically. As the responsible citizen of India, everyone can contribute to energy conservation and thus can help in extending the span of energy generation, using the available resources. 

In order to save the nation from pollution and energy disasters, you can make small lifestyle changes and together make a huge impact. Since one of the major energy requirements is commuting, opting for a more sustainable form of transportation can contribute to major benefits for the world.

Since the development in automobiles suggests that driving an electric vehicle is one of the most optimal choices by the consumers, e-bike manufacturers like Joy E-Bike offer you the super efficient commuting choices, without compromising your comfort. The 10+ models by Joy E-bike, are stylish low speed e-scooters like Gen Next NanuWolfGlob, and powerful superbikes like Thunderbolt, Hurricane and Beast. With the advanced technological features and sleek designs of the vehicles, you can ease your commuting without fearing the fuel prices and flaunting more sustainable choices as a responsible citizen of India.

Here’s how you can help in energy conservation with Joy

– Switch off the lights when not in use

– Turn off the devices instead of putting them on standby

– Use energy efficient light bulbs

– Clean and replace air filters

– Use the electronic devices to the optimal suggested levels

– Use smart power strips

– Avoid using electronic devices if not truly necessary

– Make your commuting sustainable

– Do a regular maintenance of electronic devices and automobile

You can opt for a more sustainable commuting choice, as electric vehicles. For this, the Joy E-bike has got you covered with an array of innovative riding options. 

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