15 Oct, 2020

Better For Environment, Better For You. Here’s Why You Should Ride An E-Bike

Bikes have always been a style statement. The gears, the accessories, the speed at which it cuts the wind and runs through, EVERYTHING! No wonders India has a huge segment of people who love their bikes as they would their partners (not literally). Even if we love our bikes so dearly, the problem that we all have understood in the most recent times is that our traditional fuel-driven bikes are harming the environment. To counter this, one of India’s leading electric bikes manufacturer Joy E-Bike has devised a series of electric bikes that are fit for the Indian audience as well as the roads. If you are unsure of how an electric bike would be good enough for you? Here’s why you should ride an e-bike:

Good For The Environment

The most obvious fact, electric bikes are the best when it comes to protecting the environment. Being operating on chargeable batteries, the bikes have zero direct emissions. Even if there is a possibility of indirect emissions, it is completely dependent on the sources used by the powerhouses of respective areas. If your area uses power sources such as solar or any other, then there are no indirect emissions as well. Along with that, Joy E-Bike’s bikes make zero noise as well, so basically you are tackling noise as well as air pollution at the same time.

Big Saver

From the various models of a Joy E-Bike, if you consider the top three ones viz., Mihos, Glob, and Wolf, an average that they give is 68 km at a full charge depending upon how you use it. In addition to this, the average cost of charging their lithium charged battery comes to INR 10 or less for a unit, and moreover, it lasts a really long time. If you make a calculation about it, the average cost per km comes to INR 0.25 which is very cheap as compared to a fuel-driven vehicle. This will definitely in a country like India where the petrol prices constantly fluctuate, disrupting the monthly budget of an average middle-class person. So if you wish to save money while helping save the environment, an e-bike is the best option for you.

No License, No Registration

As of yet, the transport authority of India has stated that there is no need for the rider of an e-bike to get a license or get their bike registered. This means that every time you get an e-bike, you avoid all the unnecessary trouble of going through government offices and their endless formalities. You basically buy an E-Bike from any of the showrooms, and you are good to go.

Easy Maintenance

The best part about having an electric bike is that the maintenance cost is really really low. Since it is battery operated, there is no need to carry out an oil change that you have to do after a certain period in fuel-driven bikes. Along with that, you only have to fix the spare parts if in case it gets spoiled in usage. Along with that, the battery needs to be replaced after a period of four years or so. Thus, this makes Joy E-Bike the perfect bike for a busy Indian who has very little time to focus on the maintenance of his/her bike.

The Greta Good

As the environmental activist, Greta Thunberg spoke at the 2018 World Economic Forum about the importance of developing a sustainable economic plan that takes into account the future of our planet as well, it has become increasingly important that we take into consideration the greater good. The greater good being that we consciously take steps to ensure that our planet’s increasing climate issues which have a direct effect on our day-to-day life are saved. When you decide to switch to an electric bike, you become a part of the greater good.

There are various other reasons as well because of which one should switch to an e-bike. But, the most important one remains to give a better future to our generations where they can breathe freely and don’t have to worry about the rising temperatures or anything of this sort.

So think wisely and chose an e-bike. Chose Joy E-Bike.

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