6 Nov, 2020

Why Does India Need To Switch Quickly To Electric Vehicles?

India is a dynamic country in all senses. Talk about the economy, the people, their likes, their dislikes, everything is constantly changing. However, one thing has remained constant since it was introduced in the Indian markets, bikes.

Indians have always been in love with their bikes or mode of transport in general. Over the past few decades, the number of two-wheelers have significantly increased and continues to do so. While it is good for the economy to see the rise in the standard of living of the average middle-class, what cannot be denied is the rise in pollution as well.

The increase in the number of fuel-driven two-wheelers has led to a number of environmental damages. In the most recent times, movements and activism in the favour of protecting the environment have led to a rise in a common consciousness that we need to change our lifestyle’s approach to make it more sustainable.

This has led to a global movement of ditching those traditional fuel-driven bikes of E-Bikes. And leading India in this global movement is Joy E-Bike, India’s best brand of the year 2020.

A part of Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility limited, Joy E-Bike is one of the leading e-bikes manufacturers in India. The brand has been recognized and awarded various times through various sources.

Joy E-Bike has been working on making the riding experience of Indian riders completely electrifying since the year 2016. Since the time of their inception, they have introduced a number of e-bikes and the latest one being Joy e-bike Mihos, has also instantly become a favourite among the people.

Joy E-Bike, in their spirit, to continue providing more and more choices and truly making a worth it experience for their riders, are all set to launch 4 new completely electric superbikes that are going to be game changes when it comes to bike riding.

Joy E-Bikes has been striving to provide more and more options when it comes to e-bikes in India, for a very simple reason, to help the transition of Indian riders from fuel-driven bikes to e-bikes be easier.

This is also because it is imperative that the Indian rider switches to e-bikes if they want to live in a pollution-free country. Since India is a largely populated country, where nearly 2/5th of the urban population is using bikes as a mode of communication, the carbon emissions are significantly higher.

This rise in the CO2 levels has a drastic effect not just on the environment, but also on the overall health of human beings. The rise in carbon emissions has led to a rise in the number of people suffering from respiratory disorders as well.

These numbers are also majorly observed in urban areas. Thus, if we as responsible members of society wish to pass down a clean and green future for our generations that are yet to come, we must switch to e-bikes. And what could be a better option than India’s leading electric Two-Wheeler manufacturer, Joy E-Bike?                                                                                                         

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