10 Dec, 2020

How Electric Two Wheelers Can Make A Difference In The Environment

Here’s a fun fact, there is no planet ‘B’ if we screw this one up. And if independent as well as the government established research bodies are to be believed, we have only a decade to save the planet or if not, we, as a society are subjected to global extinction. Okay, maybe we scared you a little too much. So now, let us tell you about a global movement that has swept people across continents, off their feet. Two words: Electric Vehicles.

Since the time electric vehicles have been running on the roads, they have always been intriguing. Their smooth glide, noise-less existence, and the endless wonders have always made electric vehicles a subject of interest for numerous people. It is a known fact that whenever there has been a subject of interest, people always tend to carry out various studies and this happened in the case of electric vehicles in India too. These studies have helped people to understand the impact of electric vehicles on the environment. And yes, they are in favour!

Electric vehicles or especially electric two-wheelers are a great mode of transportation. The advancement in them over the past decade has enabled the improvement of electric two-wheelers and the progression still continues. While the whole world has already begun shifting towards electric vehicles, leading India in this global movement is Joy E-Bike. One of India’s fastest-growing electric vehicles’ company, Joy E-Bikes is also largest electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India . In this year itself, the brand has been a proud receiver of the Best Brand Of The Year 2020 by ET. And why not? Since its inception in 2016, Joy E-Bike has successfully managed to rapidly increase its community of green riders. This rise in a collective consciousness has also occurred due to the proven benefits of Electric Vehicles.

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It is a known fact that electric vehicles have zero emissions. Due to this, there is a significant drop in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This was observed in neighborhoods where there were more electric vehicles. Adding to this, the number of units per electric vehicle consumed and especially by a Joy E-Bike’s battery consumed is probably only a unit above that of a blender! In this manner, electric vehicles help in reducing not just the costs of fuel as compared to traditional petrol-driven vehicles but also help in reducing the overall carbon footprint since they use a single plug point in the house and there is no need of additional infrastructure which is required to run a petrol station.

If done right, electric vehicles can help in reducing carbon transmissions up to 40% in the atmosphere. In addition to this, once there is a reduction in emissions, we will also witness a rapid fall in the number of people suffering from respiratory disorders. The reduced carbon emissions will also help in regulating the rapidly increasing global temperature and this will in turn aid in the long run to regulate climate change. When all these things start working in proper sync, we all will experience a planet that is cleaner and greener.

So if all of this can take place because of one person chooses an electric bike, which would inspire 10 others, who would inspire 100 others to help save the planet, what’s stopping you from making your next vehicle an electric one?

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