Breathe Free Tomorrow, Ride An Electric Bike Today

7 Jan, 2021

Breathe Free Tomorrow, Ride An Electric Bike Today

Global Warming. We have all heard this term several times. Many of us also know what are the causes of this and for those who are still unaware, the major reason for this is the emission of CO2. The increasing amount of CO2 is causing numerous problems and climate change is one of them. In the past decade, there has been a rise in the collective consciousness of people across the world. This has led to awareness about using the available resources with utmost caution and also finding alternatives to them. This awareness has resulted in a massive advancement in technology and the most recent (about a decade old) development has been that of Electric Vehicles. With the advancement of technology and growing craze for electric vehicles due to its economical and ecological benefits, we are witnessing a green revolution. The e-bikes, e-cars, e-buses, etc., are equipped with efficient batteries that can make them run long miles. The future will see a great shift of commuters from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles in India. Electrifying vehicles will witness great change and opportunities that will not only benefit us but the Earth also. Read on to know how electric vehicles will brighten the future.

Air- Pollutant Free Future

Nearly 40% of the total carbon emission across the world includes that from vehicles. This is continuously adding to the global warming effect which is ultimately causing climate change which we all are aware of, is not really a good thing for us. However, studies have shown that if a majority of transport vehicles are replaced with electric vehicles from fuel vehicles, CO2 emissions will reduce drastically. This will happen because electric vehicles, as the name suggests, run on electricity which is the driving fuel of their batteries do not have emissions. If we are to consider that the production of electric batteries might be a process that will increase the emissions, the counter to that would be the fact that the usage of these batteries will reduce the percentage of carbon emissions which will nullify the emissions during the production process. Thus, we will be able to breath fresh air that will result in preventing respiratory diseases caused by air pollution.

Investment Opportunities in Lithium, Nickel & Aluminium

Electric vehicles are our future. Government has set a goal of electrifying 30% vehicles in India by 2030. As soon as we see electric vehicles dominating the Indian roads, there will be an increased demand for the lithium-ion batteries. This will open avenues for the production of the same. Thus there will be great investment opportunities in manufacturing Lithium, Nickel, and Aluminium as they are key components in electric vehicles and not just the manufacturing of E-Bikes in India. Hence we can say that electric vehicles ranging from mopeds to motorcycles are not just economic for their rider but also for the country!

Future will Witness Savings in Maintenance Cost

Did you know that there are around 2000 plus moving parts in internal combustion engine drivetrains of fuel vehicles? Repairing or replacement of so many parts ends up eating a lot of your cash. Whereas an electric vehicle usually consists of just 20 parts and repairing or replacement of such parts can be done economically. Thus, the future will see a lot of saving in maintenance cost if you switch to electric vehicles from the fuel vehicles.

Less Strain on Non-Renewable Resources

We all know petrol and natural gas are non-renewable resources. There has seen a lot of strain on these natural resources as there was no alternative available to run a vehicle. But because of the introduction of e-vehicles and it’s consistency in growth, the future will see a less strain on petrol and natural gas.

Great Mileage at a Minimal Cost

We all know that petrol, gas, and diesel prices put a lot of strain on our pockets and their prices are going to keep on increasing in future too. But now you don’t have to worry about a great mileage at a minimal cost because using an electric bike or car will save you a fortune!  For instance, the mileage cost of our electric bike is just 25 paise per km (Isn’t that incredible?). This is a piece of really great news for the future traveler who likes to go on long drives, as our motorcycle is categorized as the lowest-priced electric bike in terms of mileage.

Growth of Battery Swapping Model

We have seen an increase in setting up charging stations across India. There has also been an increase in setting up charging points at malls, restaurants, offices, etc. But did you know swapping stations are also growing at an exponential rate? Swapping stations allows one to replace the discharged battery with a fully charged battery.

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