Interest in EV Booms as Govt. Plans To Boost Sustainable Mobility through new EV policies

17 Jul, 2021

India’s revolutionary moves creating a new EV landscape in the country

As the new EV Policy in the state of Maharashtra provides multiple benefits for electric vehicle buyers and also a few incentives and benefits regarding the EV infrastructure such as charging stations, many new start-ups and companies are coming up with exclusive and extraordinary ideas and projects which will be giving a boost to EV industry in India.

Today, many companies in the electric industry are coming up with revolutionary plans to create a new greater landscape for the Indian electric vehicle industry. The companies like Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd. are supporting the moves or initiatives by the Indian government with utmost innovation. Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd. is strongly supporting the initiative of ‘Make in India’ through the plans of reducing the dependability on the imports of raw materials and spare parts for the production of electric vehicles.

A new charging station has been inaugurated, being India’s largest EV charging station in Navi Mumbai. This charging station will be open 24*7 facilitated with 21 AC/DC chargers including the charging station for 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, and 4-wheelers. Few chargers can charge a vehicle in 45 mins. The charging station will also provide the AC slow charging. For the vehicles which need AC slow charging, a parking facility for charging the vehicles overnight.

This charging station in Navi Mumbai will also be partially powered by 40kWh rooftop solar power. This station is considered to be a revolutionary move to support the government’s futuristic plans of setting up a huge number of charging stations across the state. The government has prospected a need of 400,000 charging stations to be adequate for bringing up two million electric vehicles on the roads by the year 2026.

The upcoming futuristic development plans include the integrated charging and manufacturing unit for the production of the AC chargers accompanied by the streetlamp chargers for electric vehicle charging.


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